The Collector’s Journey: The Mission

The PCollect Collection Gallery

As a Hot Wheels Collector, especially one focused on real-life production models such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Audis, you always have to be on the lookout for the next “find”. This is really part of what makes the search fun. However, where do you even start? There are so many models. I mean, literally thousands! So what should your go-to brand be? Ferrari? Lamborghini? PCollect’s Collector’s Journey is here to provide the collector with the tips and insights to help you build the ultimate collection! First of all, what’s our goal?

This blog is taking the ultimate aim of collect the best assortment of hot wheels cars that are actual car brand models. This way we know what to look for and have some “real life” examples of cars that we like. It’s important for the collector to not only consider brand and model, but also color, paint job, design, and special editions. Hot Wheels has an incredible number of these and part of a collection is finding unique colors and paint jobs on unique models.

Like with every cool collection, each individual car, not just the whole, is very important. At PCollect, our goal is that each car in your collection can have its own story — whether it’s how you found it or what it’s come to mean to you over the years.

Welcome to The Collector’s Journey

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