The Collector’s Journey

Framing Your Collection

Step 1: 

Your Lineup –

The key to creating the ultimate collection is to first of all know what the ultimate collection is for you.  Different approaches will be needed whether your goal is to have 10 rare hot wheels models or 100 of any hot wheels models. So, knowing your goal is very important.  

            To help you determine you goal, we’ve put together some questions: 

  • What’s my ideal number of cars? 
  • Are there any limited edition cars that have caught your eye recently? 
  • What’s your budget? 
  • What would you say your top 3 favorite autonomive brands are? 
  • How do you plan to display your collection? 

This post will try to answer some of these questions with suggestions: 

What’s my ideal number of cars? 

Some collectors begin their with the idea of some sort of end-goal collection size.  It doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to have one, but it is helpful in knowing how you’d like to structure your collection.  Here @ PCollect, we focus on finding meaningful and interest production car models that pique our interest.  Thus, our collection goal doesn’t really have an end number.  However, we don’t usually buy multiple replicas of the same model – since that’s not really what we’re looking for.  However, some collectors do want a bunch of the same model to build volume and that’s cool too. 

Are there any limited edition cars that have caught your eye recently? 

This type of Hot Wheels car search is what the team @ PCollect love.  Limited editions and unique styling on models is really interesting for a few reasons.  One, those models are limited in number and are therefore a lot more special than most others.  Two, the level of detail and interesting finish is often dialed up on the limited edition cars.  If you are interested in these types of hot wheels your collection will probably end up in a similar vein to PCollect’s.  

What’s your Budget?  

This is a vital question. Part of the fun of Hot Wheels is that they are so inexpensive (retailing in stores for usually around $1.99). However, once these cars cease production, their value often rises quickly.  This is the purpose of our scoring system, to provide a price gauge to help you find good and affordable buys.  However, if your budget is on the smaller side (say $50-100), it would be better to aim to build a collection of lower-priced recent models – as opposed to limited editions and previous year models.  That way you can still have fun and collect a lot of cars without having to worry about spending a lot of cash.  That being said, if your budget is significantly higher, you can take some risks and choose to purchase some of the rarer models.  

What are your Top 3 Automotive Brands? 

Another key element of the Hot Wheels search are the car brand models you choose to buy.  Knowing what your favorite models are will help you build a collection in part to highlight cars you actually admire and enjoy the aesthetics of.  This will help produce what we call your “car collection culture.”  

How do you Plan to Display your Collection? 

Hot Wheels collectors take numerous different methods to presenting their collections.  Some create intricate dioramas that model cities or hotels, others use collectors cases, others still keep them in the box to preserve them from any damage! Here @ PCollect, we create mini dramatic “lineups” of our cars and present them in our PCollect Showcase Gallery.  Thus, we enjoy pairing cars that look best together for different photographic effects.  Thus, our methodology of having a smaller selection of unique cars fits with this display thesis. Just, keep in mind how your cars will look at final presentation, and try to select cars that will fit best in your planned scenario.  

Lastly, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy collecting Hot Wheels cars that you think are great! 

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