The PCollect Showcase:

Hot Wheels Factory Fresh Series ’17 Audi RS 6 Avant Blue

This post kicks off the PCollect Showcase page. In this series, specific models from the PCollect collection will be selected and we’ll provide a review. We’ll essentially be highlighting our pros and cons and what we think this model added to our collection.

Audi’s RS6 is particularly special model for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s centered around the famous Audi “quattro” or all-wheel drive system. It’s a hatchback, but is packing some serious horses – 605.

For the Hot Wheels model, the detail is really high quality! As seen in the picture, the front grill includes a license plate, audi logo, and a really nice depiction of the Audi LED headlights. The detail is one of our favorite aspects of the car. Another is the color. The deep blue works really well with the audi lines and isn’t as gaudy as a green or yellow may have been.

The biggest negative to this model is the interior. The biege is pretty standard and the wow factor would have been huge if a red or silver interior had been implemented instead.

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