The PCollect Showcase:

Hot Wheels 2014 LaFerrari Silver

This is the 2nd post in our PCollect Showcase series. In the Showcase we’re focusing on specific models from the PCollect collection with a review that highlights its specific pros and cons.

The Hot Wheels LaFerrari silver is an especially notable model in our collection. One huge reason is that it one of the most expensive models in the collection. Another is that it marks the last year Ferrari collaborated with Hot Wheels. Sadly, from this point forward, new Ferrari models are no longer added. This makes this Ferrari a sort of time-capsule for the pinnacle of the Hot Wheels-Ferrari relationship.

Another element is the design of the Hot Wheels model itself. Hot Wheels designed the LaFerrari replica by incorporating the agression that Ferrari put into the model. The result was a really defined and detailed side-vent, clear frontal lines that mark the headlights and vents, and a back that maintains the wow-factor.

In terms of the basic standard of Hot Wheel design, this is definitely near the top. However, some rearlight detail would be the only main thing we at PCollect would recommend.

Finally, the price. At $29.98 on Amazon currently, the LaFerrari 15x the average Hot Wheels model. Is it worth it? A special edition of the Score: Five Car Release will feature this model and answer the question — stay tuned!

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