The Scoring System

Sometimes collecting Hot Wheels looks like this:

“Oh nice, that’s a cool Lamborghini – in matte silver too!

Should I buy it?

$14.00? I can’t afford that! Is this car even worth it?”

Finding good bargains and or “value-buys” is often difficult for many collectors. Prices range from $1.5 to $200 on Amazon – so how would a good price even begin to be decided upon? The key is that each model, depending on a range of factors, has its own intrinsic value.

The PCollect team has decided to develop a scoring process, using our vast Hot Wheels collecting experience. In this way, we formulate a price that is our recommendation for the value of a certain Hot Wheels model. Then, you can reference our “score” with the listed price on Amazon and see if you can find a bargain!

We post our “scores” in groups of five models regularly, so keep your eyes out!

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