Why PCollect?

As a hot wheels collectors, we at PCollect have always been frustrated that there never seems to be any quality advisory content that helps collectors who are interested in the production model hot wheels — as opposed to the models Mattel just made up. Real Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mercedes models, for instance! After suffering this dilemma for a few years, we decided to form our own site. PCollect is here to provide you, the collector, with an immersive hot wheels production car experience. PCollect takes a three-zoned approach to collecting: the MatchCar Score (PCollect’s personal scoring process that helps find the best deal), The Collector’s Journey (a guide in hot wheels collecting), and the PCollect Showcase (a showcase of the cars in the PCollect collection).

Please enjoy and push yourself to create the ultimate collection! 


— The PCollect Team


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